Our Story...

Hello and Welcome to our family run business, Barrio Boutique.

Growing up in second hand stores and antique shops, which at first was a necessity, that eventually grew into an appreciation for all things vintage and pre-owned.

Later, becoming a part of the music and subculture scene, we found it vital to look good and stylish on a budget. But through years of playing in bands, attending shows, and different events; we noticed many people asking us the same questions of “Where did you find that?” and “Will you find that for me?”

What at first started out as a necessary labor of love, rapidly grew into a full-time job. We decided to open our first shop in 2015 on Ebay. We were successful for six years with Top-seller Status and 100% positive feedback.

In 2021, we decided to make the big leap to our own selling platform, Barrio Boutique (the website) was born.

We are so grateful to all of our current and future clients and buyers for helping us with our current success. Everyday we will be diligently searching for quality items to help you enhance your unique lifestyle.